Lockt Secure Access

Access Control Designed for Switch™ Tech

Big Capability

Complete Control

Lockt™ SecureAccess has the key features you need to make your Switch™ Tech Core deployment successful. Manage your users, credentials and access levels. View and monitor events and alerts. Run and export reports. All from within the easy-to-use Lockt™ SecureAccess Software.

easy to use

Simple By Design

Lockt™ SecureAccess was made to do one thing, and do one thing well: manage your Switch™ Tech cores. The user interface is simple, clean, and very easy to navigate and use.

easy to deploy

Flexible and Powerful

Lockt™ SecureAccess is deployed directly on the Switch™ Tech Bridge. Place the Bridge in your own facility. Or, where available, have your partner host and manage your bridge for you. Either way, Lockt™ SecureAccess is easily accessed via modern web-browsers.

brand new

Switch™ Tech Integration

Lockt™ SecureAccess integrates with Switch™ Tech to deliver a seamless solution for your Switch™ cores. Deployments can be as small as a few doors for a small business, or thousands of doors for an enterprise business. Lockt™ SecureAccess is built for all end user sizes.