Getting Started with Lockt™ SecureAccess

Follow the guide below to get up and running quickly.

This guide applies to bridges installed on premise and does not apply to hosted bridges.
If your bridge is hosted, you will receive separate instructions.


There are a few things we'll need to get started:

  • A new, unclaimed Switch™ Tech Bridge and serial number
  • Access to Best SwitchDeck - which is provided by your implementation partner.

Power up your Switch™ Tech bridge

Follow these instructions for powering up your bridge:

Sign in to SwitchDeck and make sure your bridge is claimed

Before you can go any further, you need to make sure your bridge is claimed to a site in SwitchDeck

Locate your bridge and check that you are on firmware version 2.4.6

If you are not on firmware version 2.4.6, please follow the below instructions to ensure that you are:

  • Log into your SwitchDeck account.
  • Click on Devices

  • Click on your bridge to open Swith™ Bridge Detail

  • Swith™ Bridge Detail screen, you will see the current version of Lockt under PACS Software Version

    Current versions of both PACS and Cloud software are listed on this page.

    If you are already on the most recent version of Lockt, you don't need to do anything.

    If you are not on the most recent version of Lockt, please do the following:
    • Make sure the Connection Status shows Connected
    • Click Apply Update button next to the most recent PACS Software.
    • You will receive a notification that the update was sent to the bridge.
    • Your bridge may reboot as it downloads and applies the update.

Open a web browser and navigate to your bridge's IP address

Lockt™ SecureAccess runs directly on the bridge and is accessible using it's IP address.
HTTPS is required, so you'll need to enter your address as:
https://[IP ADDRESS] (example:

Browsing to the bridge requires SSL / HTTPS.
It will not respond using HTTP.
By default, the bridge ships with a self-signed certificate.
Most web browsers will produce an error when accessing sites that use self-signed certificates.

We have provided a user guide related to this, as well as configuring DNS / SSL settings on your bridge.
  • Logging In - This manual addresses the self-signed certificate issue when logging in
  • DNS / Certificates - This manual helps you assign your own DNS name and install your own certificate
  • Both manuals can be found on our Support page.

Login and change your password!

The default credentials for your Lockt™ SecureAccess system will be:
username: Admin
password: pass

Please make sure to change the default admin password as soon as you log in.

Follow our User Guides

Navigate over to our Support page and follow our user guides!